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  • 9 Health Benefits of Clean Carpets

    July 18, 2020

    Did you know that the cleanliness and sanitation of your home’s carpets can affect the health and wellbeing of your family? While carpet is an excellent choice of flooring, it must remain clean and properly maintained. A recent study found that using carpeting and rugs in bedrooms rather than wood flooring can reduce asthma symptoms and other respiratory problems. Therefore, carpets can be good for your health, but maintenance is key. Proper carpet maintenance should include regular vacuuming, spot treatments and professional cleaning. Read below for more information on the health benefits of keeping your carpets clean:

    1. Clear Out and Prevent Dust Mites

    Because dust mites are microscopic, they can hide in carpets without going noticed. In fact, it is estimated that less than a teaspoon of dust can contain in an excess of 20,000 dust mites. The feces left behind by dust mites are easily inhaled and can cause allergic reactions. If you have hay fever or seasonal allergies, dust mites will likely exacerbate the problem. While vacuuming your carpets on a regular basis can help to get rid of dust mites, it is often not enough to completely eliminate them. Professional carpet cleaning companies use steam technology when cleaning carpets. Steam is an effective way to get rid of current infestations and prevent pests from returning.

    2. Prevent Unhealthy Mold Growth

    If your carpets are dirty, there is a chance that mold could grow and spread. Research shows that mold can be extremely detrimental to your health, even more dangerous than smoking cigarettes. Especially if you live in an area with a lot of humidity, regular carpet cleaning is necessary to eliminate moisture and prevent mold growth. Areas underneath furniture are particularly susceptible to mold growth because of the lack of airflow.

    Professional carpet cleaners can help prevent mold growth because technicians use powerful tools that get rid of moisture. Traditional carpet cleaners cannot get rid of moisture, making mold growth a possibility.

    3. Extend the Life of Your Carpet 

    Dirt and dust accumulate in carpets and become trapped between fibers if you do not regularly clean them. This build-up can cause your carpet fibers to wear down and eventually deteriorate. Removing the dirt regularly can keep the carpet fibers strong and extend the life of our carpet while making your home a healthier place to live. Regularly vacuuming your carpet can help to eliminate excess dirt. However, professional carpet cleaners have the technology to penetrate deep within the carpet fibers, removing even minuscule dust and dirt.

    4. Improved Airflow

    While many people do not associate improved airflow with clean carpets, it can make a difference. Carpets clogged with debris and dirt can obstruct the airflow in the room, especially rooms that are very small or have a lot of furniture. Dirty carpets can cause your home to become stuffy, making it difficult to breathe properly. Having the carpets properly cleaned and sanitized in your home regularly can improve the airflow in your home, improving the health of everyone in the household.

    5. Eliminate Trapped Pollutants

    A dirty carpet is an excellent place for a number of pollutants to hide. Carpets can trap allergens including pet dander, lead, particle pollution and bug allergens. Harmful airborne gases have also been known to attach to particles, becoming trapped within the carpet. These harmful gases can be released through regular carpet cleaning. However, eliminating deep, embedded pollutants can cause a more specialized effort. A professional carpet cleaning service uses special shampooing formulas that kill bacteria and help free up trapped pollutants.

    6. Get Rid of Odors

    Odors can easily become trapped in carpets, emitting a bad smell whenever you walk on the carpet. Particularly if you are a smoker or if you have pets or small children, your carpets are likely emitting odors. Even if you can’t smell the odors, your guests will recognize them the second they walk through the door. Bad odors can affect your mental health and your mood so it is best to eliminate them before they become a bigger issue. Regularly vacuuming your carpet can help with the odors, but using an odor-reducing solution such as Febreze can help too.

    7. Balance Humidity Levels 

    Humidity levels, the amount of water in the air, can have a big impact on the environment of your home. Clean carpets promote good indoor air quality and can balance humidity levels in the home. Too much humidity in the air can make the environment inside your home feel stuffy, making it difficult to breathe. Keeping your carpets cleans can get rid of extra moisture and balance humidity levels to keep the air inside your home healthy.

    8. Boost Mental Health

    Having a dirty carpet can seriously affect your mental health. If you know that your carpet is full of harmful dust and particles, it is hard to sleep well and can affect your mood throughout the day. Instead of living with the stress that comes with having an unclean home, hire a professional to clean your carpets. Having your carpets professionally cleaned can improve your mental health while making your home a healthier place to live.

    9. Improve Overall Well-Being

    If you have a medical condition such as allergies, asthma or another respiratory issue, you need a healthy environment to live in to keep the illness in check. Dirty carpets can impact the air quality in your home, making it even more difficult for people with allergies to breathe properly. Cleaning your carpet regularly can keep allergens from embedding themselves in the carpet. Hiring a specialist to clean your carpets with specialized equipment once a year is a good idea if you are serious about improving the air quality in your home.

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