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  • How Often Should I Clean My Carpet?

    February 10, 2023

    Keeping your carpets clean can seem like a daunting task. Continued vacuuming can remove a great deal of dirt and debris from your carpet and rugs, but there may be hidden debris, stubborn stains and unpleasant odors lingering. Determine how often to hire professional carpet cleaning services and learn more about a leading carpet cleaning service in The Woodlands, Texas.

    Typical Cleaning Schedule

    The exact timeline of professional cleaning can vary dramatically. This depends on a number of issues. Here are some of the most common issues that affect the frequency of professional carpet cleaning required to maintain your carpets and rugs:

      • Amount of traffic
      • Number of individuals in the household
      • Number of young children
      • Number of pets
      • Smoking and other lifestyle choices


      As a general rule of thumb, plan on vacuuming your carpets and rugs a few times a week and planning a professional cleaning service every year. This prevents excessive dirt and debris from building up and offers you spot-removal and odor-fighting services every year.

      For particularly light traffic areas, consider professional cleaning every two years and vacuuming only once a week. Guest bedrooms and small households with no young children or pets can often wait up to to two years for thorough cleaning.

      Large families with lots of foot traffic, smokers in the home or other lifestyle choices typically require daily vacuuming and professional cleaning every two or three months. Without this extensive cleaning schedule, your carpet can quickly gather stains and odors and begin to wear out. Extend the lifetime of your carpet with comprehensive cleaning on a routine schedule.

      How Often To Clean your Carpet With Kids or Pets

      Accidents happen. While children and pets aren’t always messy, they may cause extra accidents. Spilled food and drink, additional foot traffic, pet hair and other issues can increase the need for professional carpet cleaning.

      Families with young children should consider cleaning their carpet professionally every six months to a year. Families with pets, particularly dogs, should have professional cleaning services every six months. If your family has small children and pets, or many of each, schedule cleanings every two or three months to prevent your carpet from showing signs of extreme wear.

      Consider Your Carpet Warranty

      For more information about routine cleaning and maintenance, check your carpet’s warranty. New carpet and rugs typically come with a warranty. As part of this warranty, the manufacturer may recommend a cleaning schedule. Follow this cleaning schedule with qualified, professional cleaning services to maintain your warranty and enjoy years of clean, comfortable carpet. Don’t miss out on an extended carpet warranty by missing professional cleaning services. Cleaning schedules are often part of a warranty because manufacturers understand that routine cleaning promotes long-lasting carpet.

      The Best Way to Clean Carpets

      Whether you have carpet throughout your home or a few well-placed rugs, it’s important to choose quality carpet cleaning methods. There are many different ways to clean your carpet. The best way to clean your carpet with minimal downtime and environmental concern is with a Safe-Dry system by Safe-Dry Carpet Cleaning of The Woodlands. Here are a few benefits of the patented Safe-Dry system:

        • Environmentally friendly
        • Hypo-allergenic
        • Fast drying times
        • All-natural solution
        • Impressive stain removal
        • Pet odor removal


      The fast drying time and eco-friendly nature of this cleaning system allows you to quickly enjoy your carpet without worrying about harsh chemicals. This feature makes it particularly popular in households with young children or pets.

      Other cleaning systems may offer spot cleaning or odor removal, but typical carpet cleaning systems rely on excessive moisture to steam clean or shampoo your carpet. Moisture buildup can damage carpet and promote mold growth in your home. Mold and mildew are particular common in basements or other high-moisture areas. Routine cleaning can add to that moisture and reduce the indoor air quality of your home.

      Learn More About the Safe-Dry Cleaning Method

      Enjoy premier cleaning services in The Woodlands and the surrounding area by scheduling our services. Contact us at Safe-Dry Carpet Cleaning of The Woodlands today to learn more about our innovative dry cleaning carpet process and keep your home safe. Restore your indoor air quality, remove stubborn stains and get rid of that unpleasant pet odor with affordable, reliable and local carpet cleaning services.

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