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  • The Difference Between Steam Cleaning and the Safe-Dry Process

    February 10, 2023

    How do you go about removing stains and residual dirt from your carpeting? Do you hire a company, or do you purchase an expensive machine? For many years, steam cleaning carpets have been the go-to solution, but it may not be the most effective or healthiest option available. Safe-Dry is an alternative to traditional cleaning methods with over 30 years of proven effectiveness. The Safe-Dry cleaning process differentiates itself from professional steam cleaners in at least six different ways, all for the health and safety of your family.


    There is no denying the overall effectiveness of commercial and residential steam cleaning. However, the positive results achieved by such methods are in large part due to chemical-based cleaners. These commercial-grade cleansers are not always safe for your family, and they often leave behind a residue, which then may be ingested by pets and children. The Safe-Dry process uses an all-natural cleaning solution to ensure the health and well-being of your home, leaving behind no toxic chemicals to rest in your carpeting or be released into the air.


    Allergies and other environmental sensitivities are other vital aspects to consider when weighing the options against carpet cleaning methodologies. Steam cleaning traditionally releases more chemicals and potential allergens into the air, risking adverse reactions from those sensitive to such things. The Safe-Dry process, however, uses a hypo-allergenic, all-natural solution in combination with pre-cleaning to reduce the number of allergens released into the air during the cleaning process. By moving furniture and vacuuming the entire space, Safe-Dry cleaners can eliminate surface dust and debris before using high RPM floor machines, ensuring the healthiest experience for home-owners.

    Fast Drying

    Steam cleaning is a heavy-moisture process that relies on carpet saturation and chemicals. Unfortunately, through this process, the moisture reaches the pad underneath your carpeting, which can take days to dry completely. The extended drying time can lead to other potential health risks, such as mold and mildew. Mold can develop within 24 to 48 hours of a moisture problem. Therefore, when looking for an effective carpet cleaning method, it is best to find a quick-drying option, such as Safe-Dry, which leaves carpets clean and dry after only an hour.


    Steam cleaners do work to remove stains. However, as the purpose of these machines is to inject excessive moisture deep within carpeting, reaching the padding, they are not the best option. Despite being advertised as a deep cleaning process, steaming carpeting may lead to problems unrelated to stain-removal. The equipment used in the Safe-Dry process, alternatively, is equally as effective, but it leaves no moisture behind. These machines operate using high RPMs, sending a carbonated, soap-free solution deep into the fibers, trapping dirt and grime, and lifting it back to the surface where it is removed.


    When you hire a company to clean your carpets, you should not have to worry about the health and safety of your family. Children and pets are typically more susceptible to the harsher side effects of chemical and commercial cleaners, which is why if another option exists, you should choose it. The Safe-Dry process does not use harsh chemicals. In fact, the cleaning solution for this process is all-natural, soap-free and hypo-allergenic, making it among the safest cleaners for children, pets and your home in general.


    While steam cleaning services may offer their own version of a warranty, the Safe-Dry process provides a thorough guarantee, established on the premise of healthful cleaning. For example, the removal of all soiling without the use of dangerous chemicals, and the safety of your entire family, including pets, are all a part of the promise. Steam-cleaners cannot make the same promise because they use chemical cleaners. Also, their process is designed to increase moisture levels in your home for days, which may lead to other health concerns.

    When given an honest assessment, which carpet cleaning method would you choose? Both processes will work to clean and remove stains, but only one puts the health and well-being of your family, above all else. If you are interested in learning more about the difference discussed here, or if you would like to schedule a cleaning or assessment for your home, then contact Safe-Dry Carpet Cleaning of The Woodlands

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